1. What is Xmaspic?

Xmaspic is a service that helps you to "find Santa Claus" on a photo among your friends. Use it to surprise your friends and randomly add Santa's hat on any photo in a single click!

2. How do I seek Santa on my photo?

Just load a group photo using "Upload photo" button or paste image's URL in the corresponding line. No further actions required — Santa's hat will be added automatically.

3. How can I pick a person who is going to have a Santa's hat?

For now this option is unavailable. Please, follow Xmaspic's updates – manual editing function will be added in the nearest future.

4. Which photo should I use?

For the best experience please use a group horizontal digital photo. The recommended quantity of people in one picture should not exceed five (5) persons, otherwise high quality of the result is not guaranteed.

5. Can I use my personal solo photo, without friends?

Sure, Xmaspic will add Santa's hat on your head. If you like you can use the photos of your pet although the result may vary

6. OK, I've uploaded photo. What should I do next?

Just wait for a few moments and see the result. Share your result with your friends via Facebook or Twitter. Optionally you can copy the link on your photo and send it to whoever you want or just download photo on your device.

7. I want my photo to be in a gallery below!

Click on a “Publish this photo in our gallery” line, then sign in either via Twitter or Facebook. Your photo will be sent to a moderation and then will appear in gallery. Note that Xmaspic do not publish any info about you without your personal approval.

8. I can't find any additional effects!

For now additional effects are unavailable. Xmaspic is currently working on it. More special photo effects will be added in the nearest future.

If you have any additional questions that are not mentioned above, feel free to contact us anytime!